Coffee tins. English summary


Welcome to one of the largest and greatest collections of coffee tins in the World. The tins are from 1868 to approximately 1950.

See “Top tyve” (Top twenty). Here are the 20 greatest tins. The list is updated on a regular basis. The tins are selected after several different criteria: age, décor, rarity, or sometimes just because I find that particular tin very special! E.g. the Gevalia beartin. It’s actually a Christmas tin, but I don’t know if the bears looks like they are in the Christmas mode, maybe they are trying to kidnap the two children?

There are a lot of Danish tins, see for example this little tin made specially for The Royal Danish Marine. I date it from the time around the 1st World War. I have only seen one of these tins.

See also the large tins, they are about 40-45 cm high. In some of the photos, there is a normal sized tin to compare with.

There are many tins from Sweden. You can see the very nice Santa Claus tin from Gevalia coffee from Gefle. The tin dates from 1928.

It is a must to see the three very special tins, also from Sweden. The first is a greate tin from 1910 in art nouveau stile. The second is approximately from the same period with national decoration. The third one is a very beautiful art nouveau or Jugend stile.

Among the Solo tins, also from Sweden, you can see a very nice little art deco tin.

There are of cause also coffee tins from other countries. You can see tins from Australia, Brazil and many other countries. One of the greatest is “ Le Pelican Rouge” from France, a litografic masterpiece dated around 1905, or you can see the older Napoleon tin from around 1880

There are also some other tins than coffee tins. See the Danish tins from Elvirasminde. They are chocolate tins. They were made on a little factory in Århus in Denmark. On some of the tins there are decorations of royalities. The most illustrious of these tins, is the tin with the Danish Crown Prince Frederik, the later King Frederik the 9th and the Greek Princess Olga. They were engaged, but only for 3 weeks. Their parents arranged for them to marry, but without acceptants from the couple to be. The Greek Princess did not want to marriage the Danish Prince, so the engagement was cancelled three weeks later on the 28th September 1922. The quick manufacturer had to pull back all the tins he had made to celebrate the engagement, but some tins had already been sold. Therefore only a few of these tins exist and the tin is wanted by collectors because of the great romantic story. The Greek Princess later married the Yugoslavian Prince Paul and became queen of Yugoslavia from 1934 until the second World War.

You can see the small coffee measures. They were used for making coffee. One measure for 4 cups of water. Most of the measures are from Sweden.

There are cocoa tins. See this beautiful “Ögon cacao” from Sweden, dated around 1900-1910, also art nouveau stile.

You can see a litle gallery of biscuit tins from Huntley and Palmer. Huntley and Palmer are known for their very great and special tins, some of the finest ones ever made. And here is the first lithografic tin ever made, the “Ben George” tin.

I hope you like the tins.